We recently spent a couple days in Truckee, CA (near Tahoe) for a get-a-way. Dinner one night was at Bar of America. A member of our party has a food allergy. We always state the allergy to our wait staff to make sure our evening isn’t interrupted with a trip to the ER. Somewhere around half the time, we end up sending food back to the kitchen because the restaurant’s staff and systems do not catch the allergen on the food before it comes to our table. This has happened on a cruise, in fine dining establishments, family dining and quick serve.

Bar of America, and our waiter that evening, Matt, did an exceptional job of making sure we didn’t have an issue. Matt paid particular attention to the allergy. He came back, while pouring some wine, to tell us 3 of the steps to assure our diner. 1. Their POS system has an Allergy Alert button which gives the kitchen staff a visual clue. 2. Matt tells the kitchen staff VERBALLY to keep an eye out for our order. 3. Matt told the manager to keep an eye out, too.

I point this out because of the great service (and food). I urge wait staff to demand similar processes at their restaurants. If we are being served, I guarantee the right food showing up will increase tips!

Manufacturers, I strongly suggest removing allergens from your products, when possible.

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