Access to independents and large chains together.

Broadline means the distributor isn’t a specialty distributor, but handles pretty much everything needed to run a restaurant. Equipment, disposables and lots of food are the key categories.

Different distributors use different names, but generally the departments line up with Sales, Administration, Category Management, Finance (including rebate management), Logistics and Operations.

Broadliners often have several programs to help operators with design of a kitchen to improve efficiency, to help operators with the front of the house operation, menu design, etc. All of these services help the independent restaurant compete with large chains.

Profit Structure

You probably have estimated what it will cost to get your product into distribution. Are you aware of all the creative ways distributors can ask for your money? What do you get in return? How do you spend responsibly and get results? Understanding the distributors and the operators profit structure can help you spend more effectively.

Distribution Thoughts

Preparing, placement and managing your product with partners.  

As a vendor, understand how products are distributed to operators. […]
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Part I was all about preparing and anticipating what the […]

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