Sales secret of success

Having the right sales training and tools will enable your sales team and sales representatives to be successful faster. We’ll work with you to develop sales materials that fit for today. What problems are you solving for your customer and what does it mean to the customer? How much can you reduce their costs and increase revenue & profits? How do you help your sellers and your company become the “go-to” resource for your customers?

Thoughts About Sales

Recent published thoughts about all things sales.
Many years ago, I worked in the foodservice division of […]

Get your product noticed with a great description.

There are the basics every business has to have straight to compete. Being a vendor in foodservice means you need to understand EDI, HACCP, GDSN and many other acronyms. The information you load in GDSN will determine item descriptions many of your distributors publish.

Do not handicap your sales with a bad description.

We can work together to understand what makes a great description by understanding what the distributor sales rep and operator really want to know about an item!

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