Marketing to Foodservice

Today, there are more options than ever to market your products in foodservice.

Your friendly distributor will always have options for you. Know what you are getting for your money.  Know what your customer exposure will be. Which customers will be influenced by your expenditure? Ask for metrics on how they measure success & to get results.

Since most brands in foodservice don’t depend on consumer recognition, if you use social media, it should be targeted at foodservice professionals, not the general public. If you have CN products, you want to hit school customers, not white tablecloth restaurants. 

RangeMe has an interesting way to get exposure for initial distribution. They have events or just regular emails with new products that go to buyers, category managers, etc.

Pick your favorite publication for foodservice. They all have an online presence & you can gain targeted exposure with them.

Influencers come in many ways today. Who influences your potential customers? Can you align with the right people to speak up for you and tell your story?

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