CEO & Founder
Rich Wolverton


I love what I do. After 40 years in food services I know what it takes to grow your business. With proven strategies and contacts to increase your efficiency, time-to-market and lower your stress at entering a new food product into the supply chain.

I specialize in product concept through national distribution to restaurants and organizations.



  • VP Category Management
  • Director Supplier Relations
  • Food Sales

Highly endorsed in New Business Development, Pricing, Sales in Foodservices. 

40 years experience in food, half in foodservice leadership.

References. You’ll work directly with me.

Budget. We’ll accomplish as much as possible with constraints.

I know experts and lean on them to do what’s right for you.

You’ll get my best. I live by my ethos. You won’t be blindsided.

Plan development takes collaboration and challenging. I’ll do both as a partner and leader.


Experienced in national and international category management leadership. 

I know what it takes for you to succeed.

Grow Foodservice was formed to help vendors excel in foodservice, especially foodservice distribution. Based on extensive experience in sales and category management, founder Rich Wolverton has a passion for helping others succeed. As a category manager, Rich coached vendors on how to effectively sell more product to the distributor he worked for and to their customers. As Vice President of Corporate Category Management for a major distributor, Rich enjoyed playing a part in the success of his teammates.

With his background of half his career in food sales and half in foodservice category management/merchandising, Rich sees the full cycle of profitable sales. As a relationship builder, he has resources in all aspects of distribution: sales, QA, logistics, finance, marketing, CM and more.

Grow Foodservice will work along side our clients to help them develop the strengths needed to succeed in efficient distribution of their products.

Put another way…..Grow Foodservice partners with clients to give them decades of experience in foodservice distribution without sacrificing extensive time when bringing products to market.


I aspire to these cultural beliefs and energize people who share them.


Do the right thing.

Servant Leader

Create a great project of collaboration.

Risk & Reward

Advise on and take well-reasoned risks to achieve results.


Be consistent in all circumstances, not just the easy ones.

Time Matters

Avoiding “time sucks” like meetings without clear agendas & deliverables.


I do this work focused on being your advocate. It is linked to my purpose.

Planned & Flexible

I plan out our work with a schedule and then we flex as needed.

Words Matter

Look for the positive and praise it.


I appreciate communication styles and temperaments. Seasoned to tear down communication barriers while honoring people.

No Bull

Speaking the plain truth fostering understanding.


I’m mindful to choose words that demonstrate respect and honorable intent.

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Life Long Learner

The industry is growing and changing. I am too.

Know My Why

I understand the role and responsibilities of partnering.


Living life through the lens of gratitude sets a positive attitude.


We have an advocate. Trust in God.

Do What Is Right

I’ll always strive to do what is right. and good.

Feed Dreams

Bringing your product to market is literally feeding the American dream.

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