Distributor Partnerships

In foodservice, there are four basic types of distribution:

  • Broadline – This is just like it sounds, it’s a distributor that carries a wide array of products to service the needs of a multitude of restaurant types and foodservice channels. Broadline also offers a wide array of value-added services to help operators succeed.
  • Systems – This is similar to broadline but caters primarily to chain and multi-unit restaurants. SKUs are limited to the need of specific concepts.
  • Specialty – This is sort of a catch all but plays an important role in foodservice distribution. It covers segment specific distribution, like convenience stores and some retail. It also covers product category specific distribution, like Produce, Seafood, and Supplies.
  • Cash and Carry – This is like it sounds. Think of it as a small distribution center, such as a convenience, retail, or specialty store, that carries many of the staple items you need to run a restaurant. With Cash and Carry, you go and pick it up yourself, pay for it, and take it back to your operation. Generally, you would pay less here because the distribution is mostly taken out of this business model.

Working with different foodservice distributors can be a great path to get your products to market if done properly. We can help you navigate this landscape and find success. 

Distributor Partnerships To Help You GROW

We have decades of experience working closely with distributors to bring a variety of products to market across all regions of the country. Our team will help your business build the right relationships to get your product to market though the right distributor.

Our expertise includes:

  • A vast network of distributor connections
  • Detailed understanding of distributor expectations and fees
  • Sales leadership to guide the development of your sales organization, including selection of the right foodservice brokers for your needs

Earned Income – This is typically a rebate the vendor pays to the foodservice distributor. It has many other names, ERD, EMI (Earned Marketing Income), PA (Purchase Allowance)                

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – Instead of calling an order in or faxing it (hello 1980’s), EDI processes orders today.

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