Logistics & Packaging

Getting Products to the Distributor

This is one of the biggest challenges small and medium sized companies have today in foodservice. In fact, all companies seem to struggle with getting products to the distributor.

What is the best distribution system for your products to the operator? What are your options? Have you considered DOT or Pick, Pack and ship programs? The “last mile” can be the most expensive in the supply chain to the operator.

Let’s work together to understand options and fill this gap.

Proper Packaging Does Help

Proper packaging can help create sales and save you money.

In foodservice, products are generally not seen by the consumer. Attractive inner packaging is not always necessary, but proper corrugate printing and/or corrugate labeling will help products stand out in the operator’s mind and on the shelf in the kitchen.

With an extensive product line, packaging can make the identification of products more efficient. Do you make your packaging bilingual? Is the packaging as “green” as possible? Does your packaging pass the strength test, so you can avoid returns on product damaged during transportation?

Let’s find the best option for your products!

Logistics & Packaging To Help You GROW

Our team will provide value-added insights to improve your logistics & packaging in the following areas:

  • Understanding your options
  • Forward warehousing and DOT Foods
  • Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Direct to customer (DTC) programs
  • Storage selection
  • Most effective foodservice pack sizes for your product
  • Proper packaging strength
  • Proper packaging branding and box dimensions
  • Kraft verses white
  • Proper pallet configuration

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