Sales & Marketing

Sales Secrets Of Success

Having an executable sales plan is key to your success and sustainable growth.  Whether your sales team is one or a hundred, we will work with you to develop a plan that fits today’s marketplace.

We’ll help you communicate the features and benefits of your product or service and make sure the benefits resonate with your target audience.


Sales & Marketing To Help You GROW

Our team knows what it takes to properly position your brand and leverage your competitive advantage in the market, whether in foodservice or retail.

We help your team develop, support, and execute:

  • A functional and effective sales plan focused on new customers and selling more products to existing customers
  • A targeted marketing approach, complete with quality, actionable information, designed to build brand awareness
  • Targeted customer segments
  • Detailed website review focusing on the target audience, whether it is foodservice, retail, or DTC
  • Industry research to support data-driven strategic decisions
  • Product exposure and promotions focused on inspiring chefs and operators to innovate and menu your products
  • Tradeshow selection and preparation based on budget, customer exposure, ease of interaction, and more

From developing a new market for your existing product to new product introduction

Does your product growth include moving into foodservice? Wanting to expand regionally or nationally? Ramp up your product marketing so it resonates with your target audience of operators and distributors! We can help.


Recent thoughts on Sales and Marketing in the Foodservices Business

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